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  1. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/05 Go Against The Flow.flac42.44 MB
  2. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/13 I Can't Think About Dancin' (Extended Version).flac41.40 MB
  3. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/02 I Can't Think About Dancin'.flac37.67 MB
  4. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/14 I Can't Think About Dancin' (Dub Version).flac37.13 MB
  5. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/09 We Don't Know Love At All.flac36.98 MB
  6. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/01 Color In Your Life.flac35.63 MB
  7. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/06 Boy I Say To You.flac32.42 MB
  8. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/11 It's A Must (Album Outtake).flac31.46 MB
  9. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/03 No Secrets.flac30.20 MB
  10. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/04 Flash Of Love.flac30.20 MB
  11. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/12 I Can't Think About Dancin' (Single Version).flac29.65 MB
  12. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/07 Come Back For More.flac26.54 MB
  13. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/08 Face To Face.flac24.46 MB
  14. Color In Your Life (Rubellan Remaster)/10 Hot To Cold (Album Outtake).flac22.86 MB
  15. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/12 Give (Dance Mix).flac44.90 MB
  16. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/09 Waiting For A Million Years.flac36.13 MB
  17. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/11 Fight For Life.flac34.80 MB
  18. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/01 The Closer That You Get.flac33.10 MB
  19. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/13 If Only For The Moment (Full Version).flac33.00 MB
  20. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/02 Give.flac32.91 MB
  21. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/04 Surrender Your Heart.flac28.29 MB
  22. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/10 If Only For The Moment.flac24.77 MB
  23. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/06 Right Now.flac24.67 MB
  24. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/08 Racing Against Time.flac23.91 MB
  25. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/03 Now Is The Time (For Love).flac23.84 MB
  26. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/07 All Fall Down.flac22.84 MB
  27. Rhyme & Reason (Rubellan Remaster)/05 Clandestine People.flac20.58 MB
  28. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/02 Windows.flac33.82 MB
  29. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/07 Tears.flac29.14 MB
  30. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/09 Words.flac29.13 MB
  31. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/05 Walking In L.A..flac27.80 MB
  32. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/10 Bad Streets.flac25.22 MB
  33. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/01 Noticeable One.flac24.32 MB
  34. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/08 Here And Now.flac23.83 MB
  35. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/06 U.S. Drag.flac23.56 MB
  36. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/04 Destination Unknown.flac22.77 MB
  37. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/14 Mental Hopscotch.flac21.92 MB
  38. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/03 It Ain't None Of Your Business.flac21.53 MB
  39. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/16 Action Reaction.flac19.70 MB
  40. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/11 Rock And Roll Suspension.flac18.48 MB
  41. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/12 No Way Out.flac18.46 MB
  42. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/13 I Like Boys.flac16.40 MB
  43. Spring Session M (Rubellan Remaster)/15 Hello, I Love You.flac15.36 MB
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